Get Involved

Want to get more involved at Collegeside?  We hope so.  After all, our family could really use your God-given gifts.

Below is more information about how you can get involved at Collegeside:

  • Welcome Center:  Our welcome center is designed to serve as a live kiosk for visitors. Get answers to frequently asked questions, including information about Bible classes and our leadership.
  • Bible classes :  One of best ways to get more involved is by attending a Bible class on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening
  • Collegeside 101: This is a special “orientation” type class designed to help new members find their place at Collegeside. For more details about this class, please express your interest at the Welcome Center.
  • Ministry Teams: We have many different ministry teams on which you can serve.
  • CORE Groups: Core Groups are small groups of people who meet in homes at different times throughout the week.  The purpose is to study, pray and get to know each other better in an effort to discover how to practically live out our faith .
  • Group Ministries:  We have several groups of people who are tied together by age or other commonality.  These groups meet regularly for events and activities in addition to their Bible classes at the church building.  These include our deaf ministry, Seniorside ministry, Young Professionals, Young Marrieds and Young Families groups.