Growth in Biblical Knowledge Events: - We offer 2 weekly Bible classes to help provide growth opportunities for our children.
 - Sunday School (Every Sunday after the assembly )
 - Wednesday Evening Classes  (Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 7:15pm )


Family Dedication (1st Sunday each year - Intergenerational Relationship Event):
We celebrate the new births with which God has blessed us under the previous calendar. During the service families come up on stage. Parents and then the congregation dedicate themselves to bring up these children in the love of the Lord. During class the families gather in the GAP for brunch. Extended family often participates. This is a time for families to connect and prepare for the new journey they are beginning together.

MLK Munch (the Sunday before MLK day, typically the 3rd Sunday of the year - Intergenerational Relationship Event):
Munches are about bringing people together. Our typical focus is breaking age division. On MLK Day, we extend our mission to address color lines as well. We are always joined for lunch that day by our brothers and sisters from McClellan Avenue. The past few years have been so racially divisive in our country. This luncheon reminds us that as God's people we are not segregated by race or ethnicity.

Valentine Munch and Student Led Service (2nd Sunday of February - Intergenerational Relationship Event):
We focus our devotional thought on love in the 5:00 pm assembly. After the assembly we gather in the gym for a meal and Munch program. People from various ages gather together around the table for a meal. We will have interactive crafts, games and activities that help build relationships across the generations.

Valentine Date Night (Saturday night close to Valentine's Day - Attention to Parent's Growth Events):
The UCSC provides babysitting on a Saturday night close to Valentine's Day to bless our parents with a date night.

Spring Break Service Project (Wednesday during Spring Break - Participation in God's Redemptive Mission Events):
On Wednesday nights during  Spring Break we break from our regular classes and do service projects in the gym for ages 2 years and up. Our primary goal is to find ways that our children can make meaningful contributions to our congregational ministries and missions. We often to projects that support Bread for Life, Celebrate Recovery, Habitat, other age groups, etc.

Imaginative Prayer Class (Mid-March through April  in the GAP):
On Wednesday nights this spring we will have an intergenerational class in the GAP. This will be the only option for Club 56 students, and younger students are invited with a parent. Any teen, college student or adult is welcome to attend. Imaginative Prayer is a way of entering into Bible stories or introducing theological ideas through a guided meditation. The theme for this series of imaginative prayers will be "Jesus is King".

Passover (Friday night the week before Easter - Spiritual Experiences Event):
We celebrate a Messianic Passover. This is a powerful intergenerational experience that connects us with 3,500 years of God's people. We learn a lot about Moses and the Exodus, which in turn enlightens us about the significance of the Last Supper, the Lord's Supper and the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

Easter Egg Hunt (Sunday afternoon 1 week before Easter - Intergenerational Relationship Event):
The Easter Egg hunt takes place at Campbellball Yard and is hosted by Bryan and Ginny Henson. It is a great time to enjoy a spring Sunday afternoon together as the children run around in the newly green grass.

Resurrection Trail (the Saturday before Easter-Spiritual Experiences Event??????????):
The Resurrection Trail is an experience of Jesus' last week in Jerusalem. The trail begins in the gym, passes through the UCSC, Teenside, and  much of the Collegeside building. Along the way you are greeted by live animals, costumed characters, light hearted moments, and gut wrenching experiences. If you haven't walked this trail, it is impossible to understand the journey that it is.

Celebration of Learning (a Sunday in May - Intergenerational Relationship Event):
May is a time that marks our progress. Some students are graduating from college or high school, but even more are finishing another grade along the way. On this Sunday morning, we especially recognize those completing 6th grade and moving up to the Teenside ministry by announcing them in the service and hosting a brunch for them during class time. We also recognize those who are completing Mighty Oaks Mother's Day Out. It is a day that we showcase our children and the things they have learned.

We Are Missionaries -WAM (Wednesdays during the summer - Participation in God's Redemptive Mission Events):
Every year we expose our kids to foreign, domestic and local mission efforts in which our congregation is involved. Our goal is to help kids see themselves as participants in God's mission today and to plant seeds that will flower into future Missional involvement.

C3 -Clyde Christian Camp (1st week of July - Growth in Biblical Knowledge Event):
We partner with the Smyrna (Rutherford County) congregation for camp each summer. Camp is from Sunday afternoon through Friday morning at Clyde York 4-H Camp in Crossville, TN. Camp is designed for rising 3rd graders through high school seniors. Younger children can come as long as a parent is in the cabin with them. Lots of parents are needed to be cabin counselors and help with teaching and various activities.

Kindergarten Charge (Typically the 4th Sunday in July):
This is a day of praying for and challenging our newest students. Children are challenged (charged) with the task of pursuing God through seeking knowledge and wisdom. We give them a children's Bible and encourage them to grow as readers, so they can read God's word. During class time families meet together for brunch.

Bible Bowl (Saturday after Labor Day - Growth in Biblical Knowledge Event):
One of the largest Bible Bowls in the world is at the Hooper Eblen Center every September. The study texts are now released in January. Typically 3rd-6th grade classes study these texts during the summer. Special study groups are organized as well; recently this has happened on Wednesday afternoons.

Grandparent Munch (2nd Sunday of September):
This Munch takes place on Grandparents Day each year. Many Grandparents come in from out of town. A special Munch time in the gym precedes a student led evening assembly.

Outside Movie Night (Late September - Attention to Parent's Growth Events):
As night comes earlier, we have a family movie night on the playground. The movie is selected with a Kindergarten, preschool target. When the weather cooperates, this is a great relaxing night for children to play and enjoy a movie while parents have time to visit and build relationships.

Family Bonfire (a Saturday in September or October):
Our bonfire night is a great fellowship opportunity hosted by Teenside & Kidside but really for all ages. Mike & Susan Hall have hosted this for years. Enjoy a fall night around the fire with hotdogs and marshmallows roasting. A hayride (sometimes haunted) is a highlight. Basketballs, footballs and frisbees are flying until it gets too dark, then hide and seek begins. This is a great environment to invite friends and build relationships. We always have a devotional moment around the campfire, reminding us that it is God's hand that made this beautiful world.

Fall Break Service Project (Wednesdays during Fall Break - Participation in God's Redemptive Mission Events):
On Wednesday nights during  Fall Break we break from our regular classes and do service projects in the gym for ages 2 years and up. Our primary goal is to find ways that our children can make meaningful contributions to our congregational ministries and missions. We often to projects that support Bread for Life, Celebrate Recovery, Habitat, other age groups, etc.

Bread for Life Thanksgiving Meal (Wednesday  before Thanksgiving - Participation in God's Redemptive Mission Events):
For families this is a great opportunity to serve and be hospitable. Children can serve by picking up empty plates or delivering drinks. The best thing you can do with young children is go through line and sit with someone you don't know to build relationship over a meal. Over a Thanksgiving dinner you can give the blessing of community to a neighbor.

Christmas in the Park (1st Sunday night in December - Participation in God's Redemptive Mission Events):
This is actually a community event in which we participate. This is a chance to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas surrounded by several thousand of our neighbors. It is a time of Christians coming together from across our town to sing carols and to hear the true Christmas story read aloud at Dogwood Park.

Christmas Devo & Caroling (2nd Sunday night in December):
On the 2nd Sunday in December, we gather at 5:00 for an evening service led by our students focused on God coming into the world as an innocent, defenseless infant in a manger. After the assembly we break up into groups of 15-20 and take our caroling assignments. Each group visits 2-4 homes singing carols at each one. This is my favorite Christmas moment. It is hard to measure the impact we have on one another on this amazing night.


Family Book Club  (Intergenerational Relationship Event):
The Family book club exists to encourage families to read together at home, and then gather with an intergenerational group for a meal and conversations about our relationship with God, ourselves, our neighbors and creation.

Family Hike  (Intergenerational Relationship Event):
We are blessed to live in a beautiful place. Several waterfalls and other natural wonders surround us. We have a great bike path from Algood to Cookeville. Our hike day is a time to go outside and walk together. It is a Sunday afternoon to enjoy fellowship and the beauty of God's creation.

Wes Gallagher
Children and Family Minister