Collegeside is more than just a group of people who meet together once a week … we’re a family!  A spiritual family!

For more than half a century, brothers and sisters of the Collegeside family have been reaching out to Tennessee Tech, to Cookeville and to the world as a “family of Christians growing together.”  Whether you realize it or not, you probably already know someone who is a part of our family.

Where does the name “Collegeside” come from?
Collegeside’s name comes from our church family’s purpose from its very beginning…to reach the campus of Tennessee Tech with the good news of Jesus.

What are we like?
First of all, we hope you will find us to be friendly and caring.  We aim to create an atmosphere where people young and old will be encouraged, welcomed and needed.

Our family is also diverse.  Because we encourage an atmosphere of openness, Collegeside has always been home to people with a wide variety of beliefs and church traditions.

In the midst of this diversity, we are willing to listen to one another and search God’s word to discover truth together.  And just like any healthy family, we are committed to loving and respecting each other.

What can you expect at our services?
We believe our worship is a gift to God.  So, it’s most important to us that our worship pleases Him.  At the same time, we believe worship is a powerful time to encourage our brothers and sisters.

At our weekly services, you can expect to experience:

  • Uplifting and challenging lessons from God ‘s word
  • Times of prayer to God
  • Chances to connect with church members and other visitors
  • A cappella singing that includes both newer devotional songs and older hymns
  • The chance to share communion as we remember Jesus together
  • A time to give financially to support the needs and mission of our family
  • Opportunity to express your physical, emotional or spiritual needs to the congregation or one-on-one in a private environment

We offer special programs during worship for ages two through 2nd grade. You are welcome to take advantage of these programs, or you can keep your children with you – it’s up to you.

What do people wear?
On any given Sunday, you’ll see a variety of dress.  Those who prefer traditional Sunday dress will feel comfortable in ties and dresses, while those who prefer casual dress will feel equally quite at home in t-shirts and jeans.  After all, we’re more concerned about what’s on the inside than what’s on the outside.