These are men who have been appointed by their fellow brothers and sisters to lead our church family. Please feel free to contact them with your questions or concerns.

<strong>Roger Colglazier</strong></br>931-372-8043</br><a href=""> </a>

Roger Colglazier

<b>Lloyd Franklin</b></br>931-526-7878</br><a href=""></a>

Lloyd Franklin

<strong>Bill Harris</strong></br>931-528-7875</br><a href=""></a>

Bill Harris

<b>Bebo Mattson</b></br>931-526-7091</br><a href=""></a>

Bebo Mattson

<strong>Mike Palk</strong>

Mike Palk

<strong>Kit Pogue</strong></br>931-432-6967 </br><a href=""></a>

Kit Pogue

<strong>Larry Whiteaker</strong></br>931-526-8293</br><a href=""> </a>

Larry Whiteaker