Family Prayer List

Please pray for Craig Delk as he recovers from a procedure on his esophagus on Sunday.

Please pray for Leslie Satterfield’s parents, Tom & Dot Tomberlin. Tom has been readmitted to Centiniel due to post op difficulties.
Roger Fox will have back surgery Thursday at St. Thomas.

Davis Hodges was released from the hospital on Sunday.
Please continue to remember: Carolyn Acuff, Adele Birdwell, Norm Black, Bryan Britt, Debi Christiansen, Kaleb Etheridge, Paul Hodges, Lisa Johnson, Cheri McCormick, Greta Melton, Ann Pangle, Gary Sells, Nan Stewart, Jordan Terry, Caroline Vaughn, Don Wagnon, Misty Waller, & Alene Winton.