Family Prayer List

Our loving sympathy is expressed to Joe Owen. His sister, Betty Gregory, passed away in High Springs,  Florida.

Please keep Bob Hill and his family in your prayers.

Susan Pittman’s parents, Elmer and Wanda Scarbrough have moved here and would love cards and short visits.    Wanda is now on hospice but is still in good spirits.  Though she can’t speak, she would love short visits. Please contact the church office for address information to visit or to help with meals for this family.

Please pray for Glenda Terry's friend, Kelli Locklear. She is having knee surgery next week and is very anxious about it, her previous knee surgery did not go well.

Please continue to pray for Brittney Phillips’ mom, Hope Welch. She will be released to go home today and will remain on oxygen. Continued prayers for healing are greatly appreciated.

Please continue to pray for Debi Christiansen as she recovers from hand surgery.
Please continue to remember Tom and Janet Etheridge’s son, Kaleb.
Tom Ernst is doing much better.  He will begin 6 weeks of radiation and chemo today.  Tom and Kay appreciate all of the cards, prayer, and love shown to them during this time.  Continue to pray for healing and for minimal side effects from treatment.  

Danielle Meck’s daughter, Rozzlyn, is struggling with some ongoing health issues.  

Please continue to remember:  Brad Berg, Patricia Clark, James Gentry, Ruby Johnson, Jennifer Keegan,  Nancy Bane, Marie Thompson, Gertrude Stewart (Tish Garret Sliger's 99-year-old aunt), Joe Don West, Karen Howard,  Paul Hayes, Lloyd Franklin,  Bryan Britt, Tammy Stover Phillips (Carol Stover’s daughter), Jordan Terry, Lisa Johnson, John and Carolyn Acuff, Mel Brown (Pam Toline Gentry’s uncle),  Matt Peterson (Bruce’s Barsumian’s cousin),  Paula Russell (Lori Boyd's sister), and Ruby Hershey's father.