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Family Devotional
Bebo and Kathy Mattson

We are Bebo and Kathy Mattson. We both grew up in Cookeville, and never felt the need to leave here! We were high school sweethearts and have been married for almost 52 years! It is hard to believe we are now part of Seniorside! Collegeside has been our home for over 35 years and we truly love this church family. We teach the four year-old class on Sunday morning and we love all the children and families that we get to meet each week. We have three children: Ryan and DeShawn Mattson, and their children: Drew, Carter & Sadie; David and Kristen Mattson, and their daughters: Katie & Ellie ; and Rachel Hall and her children: Ian & Amelia.

Our devotional for this week is taken from Matthew chapters 18 and 19.

Chapter 18 spends quite a bit of time on the subject of children and their value in the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus reminds us to become humble as little children because that is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus reminds us of the importance of being a good example to others. We should try to avoid temptations at all cost, and to never tempt another person to fall into sin.

 Remember to be humble like young children.

Jesus reminds us of how important each one of us is in his kingdom. We all should rejoice when a lost one is returned to the fold— just as a Shepherd does!

The last part of chapter 18 reminds us the correct way for talking to another believer if that person sins against you. It must be done in love. We are commanded to forgive someone 70×7 times . The end of the chapter reminds us to have mercy on other people just the way Jesus has mercy on us. We must forgive our brothers and sisters truly from our heart, or God will not forgive us . What an important commandment! 

Chapter 19 talks about the importance of marriage. Divorce is not what God originally intended. Once again, in this chapter, Jesus blesses the children and prays for them. He always has time for young children. The chapter ends with the very familiar story of the rich man, wanting to know what he should do to have eternal life. The rich man had obeyed all of the commandments, EXCEPT giving away his possessions, giving to the poor, and following Jesus! This was something he could not do.

Jesus reminded his disciples that you cannot be saved without God. With God, everything is possible! The chapter ends with Jesus reminding his followers that in the end, the greatest will be least and the least important will be the greatest! Remember to be humble and follow God and great will be your reward in heaven!

As John mentioned in a previous Sunday lesson:
Who needs Jesus first in your life?
Who can you be a good example to?

We want to be like the good Shepherd, and not let anyone miss out on heaven!

Have a blessed week!


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Go Deeper

Whether you are studying alone or in a group, check out these available resources.

1. Use the Right Now Media Bible Study Library

Right Now Media is considered the "Netflix of Bible Study Resources". It provides thousands of studies on various subjects as well as great content for our children. This resource is provided for free to all members at Collegeside. If you already have it, take advantage of Right Now Media for an easy at-home Bible Study. If you do not have access, please email and we will help you register. 

2. Use Discovery Bible Study to have your own home Bible Study.

The Discovery Bible Study is a great tool that allows you to walk through any passage from scripture.
As you read, consider the following questions:
HE IS: What do we learn about God?
WE ARE: What do we learn about People?
I WILL: How will I put this passage into practice?
YOU CAN: Who do you know that needs to hear this? 

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