5/22/2023 - Edition #20
In this week's Collegeside Family Devo:
- Meet The Family: Clay and Kelsey Talkington / Sarah Foy / Julia Foy
- Collegeside Family Devotional:  Kit Pogue
- Check out this week's reading plan.
- Learn about what's happening at Collegeside.

What are we reading this week?

The Collegeside family has been challenged to read through the Bible in 2023. The reading plan shared will help us accomplish this together.  Click the link below to download this year's reading plan.
This Week's Reading Plan:
5/22- Job 8-11 / Psalm 137
5/23- Job 12-15 / Psalm 138
5/24- Job 16-19 / Psalm 139
5/25- Job 20-23 . Psalm 140
5/26- Job 24-28 / Psalm 141
5/27- Job 29-31 / Psalm 142
5/28- Job 32-34 / Psalm 143

Family Devotional

By: Kit Pogue
This week’s readings have many great lessons for us. I doubt that the books of Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, and Zephaniah are high on the list of most read. I am positive they are not as popular as Job and the Psalms. Yet they are there for a reason. Each one has something to tell us about God.

Tucked away in Micah six is a nugget that is especially relevant today. It seems that no matter where we turn someone or something is making demands on our time, talent, and money. We know this to be true in the world, but it also applies within the church. Not only are demands made, but we are constantly told how to do certain things. That is very evident when it comes to our service to God. I have seen congregations argue and even split over something so seemingly insignificant as the order of our assemblies, or whether communion was to be served from the back or front of the auditorium. Each side thought their idea of how things should be done was the only right way.

Micah’s message was one of impending destruction due to a lack of obedience. Then in chapter six, just after foretelling Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem he tells them what God wants and doesn’t want from them. Micah says burnt offerings of calves, or thousands of rams, or even tens of thousands of rivers of oil were not what God wanted. Going through the motions of worship, regardless of the scale, was not God’s desire. Those acts were only to help Israel, and to help us know who he is.

Mothers’ Day was just a couple of Sundays ago. Like many families, we honored Cyndi with a meal out, cards, gifts, and flowers. All those were nice and appreciated. But what she really wanted was to see her boys, and girls, to talk with them, to know they were OK, to hug them tight, and to spend time with them.

I believe God is much the same, but on a higher level than we can imagine. The burnt offerings and sacrifices were nice, even what God prescribed, but according to Micah, he mostly wants his people to live justly, love kindness, and walk with him. This same sentiment is echoed in James 1:27 when James tells us that pure religion is to take care of the weakest and most vulnerable and to keep ourselves clean from the filth of this world.

Meet Our Collegeside Family

Clay and Kelsey Talkington

Hi! We are Kelsey and Clay Talkington. We were each born and raised here in Cookeville and began dating in college. Clay grew up going to Collegeside with his family and Kelsey began attending after we got married. We love Collegeside for countless reasons! There are so many opportunities to grow your faith and the moment you walk in the door you can feel the spirit of Jesus. It’s a big church that feels small because of the close relationships and warm atmosphere :) In the coming years, we pray that God continues to work and move in Collegeside, helping us serve Him better and allowing us to shine a light for Him in the community.

Sarah and Julia Foy

Hello Collegeside! We are Sarah and Julia Foy, and we were born and raised in Cookeville. Julia and I both pursued our degrees at Tennessee Tech (Julia, in psychology, and mine in English) and later settled into jobs here. 

One of the first things we noticed about Collegeside was the respect and affection everyone had for each other. Raised in a tight knit family, Julia and I prioritize community, so that was important to both of us. As we became settled in Collegeside, we soon felt that affection ourselves in Bible class and in our core group. 

After five years here, we are continually convinced this is the place we want to be. We love the genuine care of our leaders and the connection between people of all ages. As Collegeside continues to grow, our prayer is that we are, more and more, a reflection of Jesus to those in our community who are marginalized and downtrodden. 
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