Kidside Quarantine Report

I hope this email finds you and your family well.  It has been a strange couple of weeks as we find ourselves in quarantine from one another.  

Normally, this time of year I would be promoting our big Easter events.  But sadly, today I begin by telling you that the Resurrection Trail will not be happening this year.  Most likely, the Passover Celebration and Easter Egg Hunt will not happen either.  

Before you stop reading, recognizing that this is yet one more email reminding you of things you would normally be doing with your family were it not or the CoronaVirus, let's turn to some things you can be doing.  All of this time together as a family can be very redemptive.  

Family Study/Worship Resources:

The attached curriculum, Sunday Lift from GenOn ministries, is designed for an Intergenerational class that is to take place around the table.  It has fun activities that you can do as a family that connect to scripture readings and can all take place at the family table.  This curriculum is best used at meal time and could be joined with a time of family communion rather easily.  

CLICK HERE for the Sunday Lift Curriculum 

If you happen to have the book Imaginative Prayer, it is a great resource for a contemplative family experience.  If you would like to experience one of these lessons as a family follow this link to a YouTube video of the author reading the story "When I am Lost He Will Look for Me" to a group of children.  I have been in touch with the author and hope to have some audio of his Easter Stories to share with you in the upcoming weeks.  

Looking for a great way to prep your family for Easter?  Resurrection Eggs are a great way to set up the Easter story which is much bigger than bunnies.  You can order from Christian Book Distributors by clicking HERE.

Other Great Resources & Ideas:

1) Collegeside Ministry Updates: Several ministries have been sharing posts via the Collegeside email list. For your children I would encourage watching the videos of Mary Taylor as she reads some favorite books from the Mr. Paul's Children's Library at Collegeside.

2) Collegeside Website: A list of "Self Care" Resources is now a featured link on the front page of the website.  It has a wonderful list of resources.

3) Sally Lloyd-Jones: She is the author of The Jesus Storybook Bible.  If you are on Facebook you can look her up and watch a video of her reading.  Collegeside kids may not recognize her or her voice, but they are very familiar with her words.  From the picture below, it looks like she will be live on Instagram at noon Central time if you want to join her.  I suspect the video will be available on Facebook afterwards.image.png

4) Read with your kids:  You have books at home, and many more are available these days online.  Check out our local library at for lots of online resources.  Call them if you need help accessing online resources.  
(Adult Services: (931) 526-2416 Children Services: (931) 528-3636)

5) Memorize something with your kids:  A comforting verse or prayer can be very helpful in times like these.  You can check out my blog for a list of prayers that are all worth memorizing. 

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