A Covenant With Our Eyes

A sign in an optometrist's office read, "Eighty percent of everything children learn in their first twelve years is through their eyes". If that is only half true we have an explanation of what is wrong with our society. Just think of the portals through which our children look daily, even hourly. Television, the internet, Instagram, Twitter, etc., etc. And think about what they see: Sex, sexual innuendos, filthy speech, etc. In fact, it is so bad that at my age of 71 I am embarrassed by what I see.
Do you know what your children are seeing? Whatever you see on FB then multiply it a hundred times because kids are attracted to the worse of the worst. When I look back to my upbringing I realize why I am like I am like I am today. I was a Christian by the age of ten. We did not have a TV until I was thirteen and the viewing fare then was mild compared to recent years. Trash was simply not allowed. Parents, you must supervise what your children see!
Remember Job said, " I have made a covenant with my eyes..." (Job 31:1)
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