Bible Reading Plan Week 6 Day 4

Featured Reading: Thursday, February 11: 1 Timothy 2
Reflect on verses 1-3.
• Why does Paul use 4 words to describe the content of our prayers? What is the difference in these words?
• How does praying for others, especially leaders we may not agree with, affect our own attitudes? Why does it take spiritual maturity to pray in this manner?

Reflect on verses 4-6.
• What do these verses reveal about the character of God? What do these verses reveal about the heart of God? Reflect on verses 9-10.
• What is the universal principle behind these instructions from Paul?
• How can a woman of God “adorn herself with good deeds”? What does this look like in a practical and daily way?
• Why does it take spiritual maturity to focus more on inward godliness than outward appearance?

Reflect on verse 11-15.
• How would you summarize Paul’s instructions in these verses? What key attitudes are women to display?
• The Greek word translated to remain silent is hesychia, and means calm and not unruly rather than absence of sound. Why is this behavior important in the Lord’s church?
• In what ways is spiritual maturity required for women to behave as Paul instructs here?






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