Bible Reading Plan Week 5 Day 1

**Monday, February 1: Colossians 3 (Featured Reading)**
Reflect on verses 1-11.
• What are the “things above” that Paul encourages believers to set our hearts on? What will be the fruit from intentionally focusing on spiritual matters?
• In this passage who is responsible for putting “to death” and putting “on the new self”? What does this say about our responsibility in our spiritual development? (See also Gal. 5:17-24)
• Why does Paul call greed idolatry?
• What significant change in world view does Paul write about in verse 11? How do modern believers display this principle in a practical way?

Reflect on verses 12-14
• How does love “bind all things together”? Why not law or beliefs?
• How is demonstrating Christ-like love for others a greater display of spiritual maturity than obeying rules? Reflect on verses 15-17
• What role does thanksgiving play in Paul’s instructions in verse 15-17?  What is the connection between spiritual maturity and thankfulness?

Reflect on verses 18- 4:1
• What connection do Paul’s instructions regarding relationships have with the peace and unity he discusses in verses 15-17?






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