Bible Reading Plan Week 3 Day 2

FEATURED READING: Tuesday, January 19: Galatians 5
Reflect on the idea of freedom in Christ in verses 1-6, 13-15:
• What has Christ set us free from, and what had Christ set us free to do?
• If an unbeliever asked, “what does it mean to have freedom in Christ after salvation,” how would you answer?
• How does living free in Christ require more spiritual maturity than adhering to Law?
• How could believers abuse their freedom in Christ after salvation? (See Romans 6:1 for cross-reference).

Reflect on the idea of false teachers in verse 7-12:
• Why does Paul caution the Galatian church to be aware of false teachers (see v 9)?
• What role does spiritual maturity play in discerning false teachers?

Reflect on the idea of living by the Spirit vs. living by the flesh in verses 16-26”
• What struggle does Paul describe in verse 17? Can you relate?
• What contrast does the word “but” introduce between verses 19-21 and verses 22-23?
• Paul has spent time in this chapter talking about “the Law” and freedom from it. Why does Paul write that there is no law against the attitudes in verses 22-23? Why would that be important to his audience?
• How does displaying fruit of the Spirit signify spiritual growth?






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