Jesus' Time with Disciples

John 20:24- 21:25
  • Why is it remarkable that the disciples were afraid when the resurrected Jesus appeared to them? What were they afraid of (see Mark 16:14, John 20:19)? What steps did Jesus take to transform their fear into joy?
  • Thomas has long been referred to as “doubting Thomas”.  Is this a fair characterization? What purpose did Thomas’s doubt serve? What happened when Thomas brought his doubt to Jesus? What can we learn about the way Jesus handles our questions and our doubts from His response to Thomas? What is the key difference between doubt and unbelief?
  • What did Thomas miss by choosing isolation in his disappointment? What can we learn from that?
  • Reflect on vs. 12-17.  What does Jesus do before He deals with Peter’s sin of denial? How does Jesus’ commission to Peter reflect His own actions?  How is Jesus’ action symbolic of how we are to deal with the sins of others? What comes first?






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