Bible Reading Plan Week 4 Day 2

FEATURED PASSAGE: Tuesday, January 26: Ephesians 5-6:9
Reflect on verses 1-2
• In what 2 ways does Paul call believers to imitate Christ?
• How are both loving others and sacrifice equally connected and the purest demonstrations of Christlikeness?

Reflect on verses 3-20
• Paul writes that Jesus followers are to “live as children of light” (v8). How specifically does Paul call believers to demonstrate that they are living in the light?
• How do both the choice of words we say and the choice of topics we discuss reveal our inner light or darkness?
• Does darkness really hide sin? How does the enemy use darkness and secrets as a lie about sin, and why is this lie so dangerous to believers?

Reflect on 5:21-32-6:9
• How does Paul begin his discussion of relationships in 5:21? Why is reverence for Christ essential in all relationships?
• Describe how husbands are to love their wives. Describe how wives are to treat their husbands. How can marriage help develop spiritual maturity?
• How does reverence for Christ influence our parenting, our role as employees, or bosses?
• How does favoritism display a lack of spiritual maturity?
• Why is spiritual maturity required for godly relationships?






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