Hearing Your Words Again

I remember in years gone by speaking in places where the microphones echoed back in my ears. Every time that happened I would have to stop until it was fixed. I wasn’t able to think with my words coming back to my ears. If it could not be fixed I would have them turn off the microphone and I would talk louder.
I wonder how we would feel if we were constantly hearing words we had spoken in the past repeated to us. Now I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad if all our words were gentle and kind. Words like, “I love you”, “Thank you Lord”, and “May I help you”? But what about those “Angry words, O let them never from my tongue unbridled slip”  Angry and demeaning words don’t need to be heard one time let alone two times.
David said, “Take control of what I say, O Lord, and guard my lips.” (Ps. 142:3 NLT)
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