The Angel and the Tomb

Matthew 28
  • Jesus’ resurrection is the core belief of Christianity. Without the resurrection, Jesus is not the Messiah.  Yet, 1 Kings, John 11, Luke 7, Luke 8, and Acts 9 all recount events of people being restored to life.  What is the vital difference between these healings and the resurrection of Jesus? Why does resurrection offer a tangible hope to believers that recusation never could? 
  • Both the women and the guards were given a story to tell – the women by the angel and the guards by the Jewish officials.  Whose story would you have believed?  
  • Reflecting on the guards specifically, they have to make a choice about how to report the events that they experienced and face pressure to change their story to suit the status quo. The guards submit to the pressure and v 15 reveals the consequences.  How might 21st century disciples be like the tomb guards?  How are the guards an example for us?






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