Jesus Before Pilate, Judas' Response and The Events Before the Crucifixion

John 18:28-19:27
  • Consider John 18:28-29 then read Matthew 23:25-28.  What is Ironic about the Jews’ concern with uncleanness? Can believers today be guilty of the same spiritual irony in our own lives? What practical measures can modern believers take to prevent hypocrisy in our own spiritual lives?  
  • How many times does Pilate publicly declare Jesus not guilty?  Compared to Peter, what is significant about Pilate’s 3 public affirmations?
  • Consider 18:36-38.  How does Pilate respond to Jesus’ statement of truth? Is his question serious or is he dismissing Jesus as merely a philosopher? How would you define truth? How does the world define truth?  Is it absolute or is truth subject to individual situations? How can believers respond when the truth we hold to be absolute comes under attack by the world around us?
  • Contrast Jesus and Barabbas. Make a special note of Matthew 26:55 and John 18:40. How does the fact that Jesus was crucified in Barabbas’ place represent what Jesus did for each of us? 






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