Bible Reading Plan Week 7 Day 4

**Thursday, February 18: 2 Timothy 1 (Featured Reading)**
Reflect on Paul’s encouragement to Timothy to be bold, fearless, and unashamed (v. 6-12).
· How could timidity cause Timothy - and us- not to use the talents and abilities God has given us? How can we fan into flames our desire to serve the Lord?
· What kind of fear is Paul referring to in verse 7? What role does spiritual maturity play in overcoming this type of fear?
· What is the connection between being unashamed to testify about the Lord and sharing in suffering for the Gospel?       (v 8-9)
· How is Paul’s focus on Christ and the gospel designed to encourage Timothy? How is this an antidote for fear and shame?
· According to verse 12, what is the source of Paul’s fearlessness? What does he trust God to guard for him?
· Why does it require spiritual maturity to be unashamed of Jesus and the Gospel? What are the consequences of both being unashamed and being ashamed of the Lord?

Reflect on the words guard and entrusted Paul uses in verses 1:12-13 and 2:2
· What had been entrusted to Paul and why was it so important to him?
· How did Paul expect Timothy to guard what had been entrusted to him?
· How have modern disciples been entrusted just as Timothy was? How do modern disciples have to guard what has been entrusted to them?






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