In Conjunction With Others

Two different times when our girls were young we spent a few days at Opryland and Disneyland. In every case we often had to stand in long lines before we could finally enjoy the attraction. Not once did I see anyone complaining about the long wait. Most of the people were smiling, talking and laughing. At the grocery store we gripe if we have to wait in line five minutes. What was the difference? The key seemed to be that no one went to these places alone. Friends, families, groups and couples were enjoying the experience together.
Think about it! Is not the Christian life to be lived in conjunction with others? In Hebrews 10:19 the paragraph begins "Therefore, brethren..." In v. 22 the text reads, "let us draw near..."; v. 23 reads, "Let us hold fast...";v. 24 reads, "let us consider..." and finally, v. 25, "not forsaking our own assembling together...but encouraging one another..."  The Christian walk is a family experience that can help us survive our difficult days. "Jesus, Yes! Church, No!, simply won't cut it.  
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