A Unique City

Janice and I vacationed at least three times in Savannah, Georgia. I am not quite sure what it was that attracted us to it. Janice would say it was Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room since I loved to eat good southern cooking. I would say that for Janice it was the old homes and architecture in the historical district. And then there is the beautiful Spanish moss that adorns the trees. I particularly loved the many squares that the homes were built around with a park or green space in the middle. It is so unique that there is no place quite like it. And finally, I met the most famous person I ever knew when the honorable Justice Clarence Thomas of the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to have a picture with us and he kidded me about my Vanderbilt shirt.
In Rev. 21 John received a vision of another unique city, the New Jerusalem. It’s uniqueness was because of who was there— -God, himself, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men” ( 21:3) But it was also notable for what was not there, “no tears, no death, no mourning, and no pain”. (21:4) All of our earthly cities will be replaced with such beauty that we won’t be able to comprehend it. And Jesus is going to prepare it for us. (John 14)
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