Grumbling or Gratitude?

A tourist was watching some women in Mexico who were washing clothes at a spot where hot and cold springs bubbled side by side. They boiled the garments in the hot springs and  rinsed them in the cold. The tourist said to his guide, “I suppose the people here think Mother Nature is generous to them, do they not?”  “No Senor”, was the reply, “just the opposite. There is grumbling because she does not provide the soap”.
That is indeed the nature of man. Too many of us live the life of grumbling/ingratitude. During the ministry of Jesus he cured ten men of leprosy  which was the most dreaded disease of that time. They were cured in a moment as they went to appear before the priest. You would think that there would have been a mad rush to return to Jesus and profusely thank Him. In fact, only one returned and “glorified Him thanks.” (Luke 17:15-16)
The cure for our sins cost Jesus his life and far too many ignore it. What ingratitude! We need to quit grumbling and realize that He also provides the soap!
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