It's About Grace

On a recent preaching trip to Celina, Tn. I observed in my rear view mirror the flashing blue lights of a Tennessee State Trooper. Since there was no one else on the road on early Sunday morning I concluded that I was the one being pulled over. It seems I was guilty of driving faster than the law allowed. I should have paid closer attention to my speed since that stretch of highway is notorious for catching speeders. In Georgia they would call it a speed trap. In addition, it seems my registration tag had expired. That was due to not receiving a notice from the state. So there I was facing two considerable fines. Then I was told if I would present evidence of new registration that fine would be dismissed. In addition, if I would attend a safety school the speeding fine would be cut in half. This turned out to be grace on the part of the county.
A woman was once exposed before Jesus and the crowds for her immorality. The crowd wanted to condemn her. Jesus said to her, "Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more." (John 8:11) Jesus showed mercy. His compassion reminds us of His forgiving grace. Yes, in our most embarrassing moments of failure, we are reminded of God's Amazing Grace!
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