Self Care Resources

Self-Care Resources For Those Stuck At Home

(This information was compiled and reviewed by Mike Palk, Cathy Cavender, and Tabitha Schlatter) 

As mental health professionals, we realize the needs for professional counseling as well peer support are great, but due to the  restrictions on gatherings because of the coronavirus, the debriefing/support meetings are postponed as are a number of other counseling services.
We are currently working to compile a listing of local counselors who have availability and we hope to be posting this soon. We are making an effort to contact these counselors ahead of time to do some of the checking about their availability. Any counselors who are willing to provide services via telehealth will be indicated as such.

In the meantime, here is a list of some Self Care Approaches and other opportunities submitted by Christian Counselors and other wellness professionals that you might find useful in the interim. These are things you can do for support either individually or in community with others during this time when a lack of connection is being sorely felt; and perhaps at a time when we've never needed it more.

Remember, that God is still connected to us, and us to Him, and all of us together through Him. So, we encourage you to take a look through these resources.  If you find something sounds helpful to you, check it out.

Tremendous disruption in the routine, along with great uncertainty, can leave us feeling helpless to help ourselves and others. Being able to make choices for yourself that make a positive difference can be empowering.  Reaching out to help yourself is one such choice.

to bless and be blessed, to encourage and be encouraged

This is a list of Self Care Approaches, Leisure Interests and other general ways to Connect with others and Enrich ourselves by using what we have available to us.  It is by no means an exhaustive list, but at a time when reaching out in person is not a ready option, these are some approaches, many of which are faith-based, to cope with stress.


to working through trauma are "Talking, Talking, and Talking". So, reaching out individually to friends and loved ones to tell our story can help us process through our normal response to an abnormal situation. Then when it’s their turn to talk, talk, talk, affirm them by actively listening. This makes it easier for them to share their story and for you to show you care about them too.


Take advantage of this time to explore online resources like online support groups or podcasts. Here are a few online resources.  Some have already been posted elsewhere around our Collegeside website and related sites, and some are from other sites. Our hope is that by collecting them here together, this will be a way to create ease of access for our members and visitors as they reach out.

  • Max Lucado - Anxious for Nothing:  Learn how to move from chaos to calm. A look at a message from the Apostle Paul. [click here]
  • Kay Warren, Hope for Mental Health-Online Community Meeting:  A recorded Facebook live event that was held live on March 22nd. The meeting included a conversation about anxiety with Dr. J.P. Moreland, author of, “Finding Quiet: My Story of Overcoming Anxiety and the Practices that Brought Peace."  [click here]
  • Kay Warren, Emotional Wellness in the COVID-19 Crisis:  The facts about the coronavirus crisis are changing minute by minute, and that can create an enormous amount of stress. Here is a helpful worksheet you can use to consider the ways the crisis might be affecting you emotionally. Download by clicking here
Please reach out if you need additional support – you are not alone! To offer or receive support please visit:
  • John Eldredge, Ransomed Heart Ministries Podcast:  "Responding to the Global Crisis”, practical ways to center your heart and hope in the midst of the chaos.  You can listen to this podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or on the Ransomed Heart website via the link below.

  • John Eldredge, Ransomed Heart Ministries Podcast:  "What Does a Mature Man Do In a Crisis?" [click HERE to listen]    When hard times hit the fan, how shaky is your foundation? The pull is often to gain control...or at least more information. But doing so causes us to miss the deeper initiation. With God, we are fundamentally safe even when nothing in our world is safe. That's because true hope never rests in things being better than they are - but in God's nature and his promise to ultimately make all things right

  • Dr. Henry Cloud, author of the book “Boundaries”, talks about taking care of yourself , others during a crisis.  A message from Henry:
Hi Everyone, In the midst of the fear and anxiety we’re facing in our world right now, I wanted to offer a message to bring you hope, peace, and encouragement. It’s essential that we look at some things we can do for ourselves and for each other, so I’d like for you to listen to a message I recorded for you guys yesterday. Most importantly, please take care of your hearts.
How to Stay Psychologically Healthy In Times of Crisis 
Cheers, Henry


Pray from the depths of your heart; just you and God. Also, a comforting way to experience unity through prayer might be to:  
a.  Ask others to join you in prayer at a specific time,
b.  Focus your prayer with a specific goal in mind,
c.  Reconnect after your collective prayer time to talk about your experiences; did you experience peace? Did God impress anything upon you during this time of prayer?        

Another Prayer Resource...John Eldredge, Ransomed Heart Ministries Podcast:  "Strength in the Midst of the Storm – Prayer Response to Coronavirus". To listen, click here.


"Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer." Psalm 19:14.

A simple way to connect with God in the middle of your busy day, or in the middle of a time of stress…. this app invites you into the simple practice of releasing everything to God, restoring your union with God and inviting him to fill you.

The Pause App.

You can find articles from our Wellness Ministry Leaders on the Ministry Updates tab.


Use this time to dive into the Word through our ministers’ Bible Studies that are being made available, or catch up on any of John’s or Chip’s sermons by clicking on the sermons button on the app or visiting the Collegeside YouTube Channel that you might have missed.

“With my whole heart I seek you; let not wander from your commandments!”  Psalm 119:10


Regular activity/exercise is one of the best ways to combat any type of mental distress.  As your heart-rate increases, blood begins to flow to the brain, and chemicals such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine are released. Our bodies were created to release these natural chemicals to improve our mood, decrease anxiety, and improve cognitive functioning (like decision making, memory, and learning). God has designed us to be active and for our bodies to move. Even if you have some physical restrictions, remain as active as possible (per your doctor’s recommendations) to obtain these natural, God-given, mental health benefits.


Get creative!  Try something new! 
  • Have you thought about having a FaceBook Watch Party?  Watch Party Watch a show, video, etc. TOGETHER with friends. 

  • How’s this for making the best of ‘Social Distancing’? 
CTVNEWS.CA This group organized a social distancing-friendly outdoor Zumba class
A Utah neighborhood decided to organize a social distancing-friendly outdoor Zumba class to boost the community’s morale amid the COVID-19 pandemic.     (Reposted on FaceBook by Jennifer Matthews)

Whatever you do, just REACH OUT! And KEEP REACHING until you get what you need…Reach out to God, Reach out to others. Let’s Love and allow ourselves to Be Loved. We bless others by ministering to them, and we ARE a blessing by allowing them to minister to us!

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