The Promises of God - Day 3

Encouragement for Today: The Promises of God
God is Always with Us

Joshua 1:9 -
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, and do not be terrified, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.

God never intended for us to be lonely. Have you ever thought about that? From the beginning of creation, God has taken active steps to make sure that we are not alone. God gave humans companionship because loneliness was the only thing God saw in creation that was not good. And, after the all-powerful, creator God gave us each other, he went a step further and gave us Himself. We serve a Father that desires relationship with what He created and loves us enough to be present for that relationship to grow. It’s an overwhelming thought.

God promises his presence here in Joshua 1:9, but He didn’t stop with a simple promise. God gave us his presence in the person of Jesus, and continues to be present with us through His Spirit that lives and works inside of us.

• What does it say about God that he desires to be in relationship with his creation?
• What does it say about God that at different points throughout human history, He has allowed himself to be present with us in different ways?

So far we have looked at God’s promise that he cannot lie and that He is fundamentally good. Today we add to this the confidence that God – who is completely trustworthy and truthful and completely good – is ALWAYS with us.

• How does the promise that God is with you – personally, in your current circumstances, wherever you are right now – make you feel? Does meditating on His presence change the way you view your current circumstances? Should it?

Joshua is facing a big job and an uncertain future when God speaks to him here. In addition to promising His presence, he encourages Joshua to have courage and be unafraid.

• How would the promise of God’s presence have strengthened Joshua’s confidence?
• If we place our confidence in the fact that God’s promises are true, then we can believe that God is with us as we, like Joshua, face uncertainty in the future. How can knowing God is with us in uncertainty quiet our fears? Why is God’s presence more powerful than any earthly thing we might face?

Nothing about the world we are living in is a surprise to God, and nothing about the future is uncertain to Him. God promises His presence for our strength and courage in the face of what we don’t know. God cannot lie, and He is fundamentally good. That truth and goodness is with every believer not because God has to be, but because he wants to be with us. Today, in the face of uncertainty, like Joshua, draw strength and courage from the presence of the Lord who loves you, promises to be with you, cannot lie to you and is the essence of goodness.

- Be blessed, be a blessing

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