The Promises of God

The Promises of God: Devotional 7

Nothing is Impossible for God. No Circumstance is Too Hard for God to Improve.
Jeremiah 32:27: I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?
The current situation we find ourselves living in has presented many of us with new and unique challenges.  Some of those challenges are trivial and have led us to a rightful reordering of priorities.  Other challenges have been much more impactful and are causing grief and pain.  Regardless of the challenges that have come our way as a result of recent lifestyle changes, God’s promises are still true.  God cannot lie. God is good.  God is always present, and we will not be forsaken.  And God will give us His strength.  Today we will see that nothing is too hard for God.  It is another of the promises that has power for our lives when we live as though we believe what God says.  Let’s begin with a simple assessment of the challenges we’re facing.

  • What challenges are you facing right now either as a result of the quarantine or just the circumstances of your life?
  • Do the challenges in your life today feel manageable, or are they causing you to lose hope?

When God spoke these words to the prophet Jeremiah, they were in the middle of God telling him that Babylon and Nebuchadnezzer were going to take their lands. Israel would be in captivity and exile.  It was not good news.  God was revealing to Jeremiah that the living conditions for His chosen people were about to get pretty bad, and yet, He wanted Israel to have the hope that they could bear up under whatever circumstances befell.  It’s in the middle of God delivering this news about captivity that He says in verse 38, “They will be my people and I will be their God.”  God wanted Jeremiah to assure Israel that even though they were going to be taken captive, they were not abandoned by their God.  God’s promise that nothing we face is impossible when invite Him into our circumstances was true for Israel in captivity, and it’s true for us today.

  • Read Jeremiah 32:38-40.  Did God fulfill his promise to Israel? How? Through whom?
  • How might knowing that God was with Israel during the Babylonian captivity have strengthened their faith? From what you know of Old Testament Israel during captivity, were they able to hang on to this promise from God?
  • Israel chose to believe her circumstances rather than in the promise of God, and many of God’s chosen lost hope during captivity. What lesson can we learn from Israel’s lack of trust in God’s promise?

If you are feeling your hope slip away during this uncertain time, rest assured that what seems like an impossible task or an insurmountable obstacle, is a matter that our Lord is more than capable of handling. . . .and wants to help you with!

  • Read Mark 10:27. Jesus says that our situations and challenges are impossible when we depend on whom?  Jesus says that nothing is impossible for whom?
  • What challenging parts of your current circumstances do you need to surrender to God instead of looking to man to fix?
  • Read 1 Peter 5:7 (we will continue to use this as a grounding verse).  What consistency in God’s character can you see in Mark 10:27 and 1 Peter 5:7? 
  • When we believe that nothing is impossible for God, and then we obey by giving him our anxiety, what changes will we begin to see in our lives?

God tells us that nothing is too hard for Him.  There is nothing that He cannot handle or help with.  Are you trusting Him to help you manage these new circumstances we are living in? He wants you to. What is hard for us is not hard for our Father.  When we trust Him with our difficulties, we give God a chance to reveal His glory in beautiful and amazing ways.  We become living proof of God’s eternal promise.  Can you believe that nothing is too big for God to handle and that with God invited in, nothing is impossible? Jesus says it’s true.  God says it’s true of Himself.  Believe this promise is true for you personally – in the circumstance you’re living in, today.

Be blessed, be a blessing.

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