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I hope you and yours are doing well.  It was a very different Easter than any of us have ever experienced, but I hope you were able to make some memories together as a family.  It was a very different Holiday, but  special in many ways at our house.

Since most of the resources that I have shared over the last couple of weeks have been Easter related, I thought now would be a good time to share some after Easter ideas for spiritually formative activities you could do with your family in the weeks ahead.  

After Easter list of Family Resources:

1)  Go to this link to sign up for a weekly email from The Bible Project.  This would be a great resource to replace your Sunday School  Bible studies for children and adults.  Each email will contain:  

    • A BibleProject video
    • A short audio message from Tim
    • 2-3 Scripture readings
    • 6-8 Discussion questions

2)  If you don't already have a Right Now Media account, click on this link for instructions of how to get one.  Right Now Media is like Netflix for Bible Studies and Christian Children's programming.  
3) If you haven't tried making your own communion bread, now is the time.  Make your Sunday lunch special by beginning or ending your meal by observing communion in a non-traditional (but more ancient) format.  Actually around the table.  I posted a blog about this a few weeks ago that includes the recipe for the unleavened bread we make for passover.

4) Just do it together.  I encourage you during this time at home to live in the moment.  If you are stuck at home, then enjoy it. Do some projects together.  Spend some extra time reading together.  Play with your kids.  

5) Reach out to someone: peers, extended family, other Collegeside families or senior members.  You can access contact information for every member of Collegeside through the online directory at this link:  Text me 931-265-1965 (or call the office) and we will share the password with you.  We can all benefit from a phone call or video call.  Don't be afraid to reach out.  Be the one to make the first step.
6) Looking for a way to serve?  Check out this Facebook page for information.  Or just drop by the fairgrounds to find out how you can serve.  There is still Tornado relief work to be done.

7)  Plant something together.  Wednesday night should be our last night near the freezing mark.  It is time to plant something.  A lot of folks are planting "Victory Gardens" as we have been reminded lately of the value of contributing to our own food supply.  Maybe you want to plant a tree to remind you of this strange and challenging time for years to come.  Or, perhaps you want to give your yard a face lift with some beautiful flowers.  Find a reason to get outside with your kids and experience God through His Creation.  Watching a plant (or animal) grow through its life cycle can be a great learning experience for kids on many levels.  (If you need a pet pig or goat you can call me about that, too.)

8) I will share a devotional blog later this week on the Kidside section of the church website.  The following link  will take you directly to the Kidside page where this can be found.  Take some time to download the new app and check out the church website.  We will be refining it in the weeks ahead, but it is full of great resources.

9) For younger children I will mention a few of online storytimes you should check out.  Mary Taylor is recording story time readings from our Children's Library that can be found on the Kidside page listed in #8.  On Facebook you can follow Dolly Parton, famous to young children for her contributions to the Imagination Library.  She releases a new story every Thursday evening.  (So far she has done The Little Engine that Could and The Coat of Many Colors - the Dolly version of course.)  Also, on Facebook or Instagram you can follow Sally Lloyd Jones who is releasing stories twice a week.  She is reading from her writings including The Jesus Storybook Bible, Bunny's First Spring, and Thoughts That Make Your Heart Sing.

I hope these resources are helpful.  If there is anything I can do to help you during this time, please don't hesitate to give me a call, text or email.  Until we meet again face to face...

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you,May the Lord Make His Face to shine upon you,May the Lord be Gracious to you,And may the Lord give you Peace...

Always In Him,

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