The Promises of God - Day 9

Promises of God: Devotional 9
God Will Supply All of Our Needs

Philippians 4:19: And my God will meet all of your needs according to His glorious riches in Jesus Christ.

Have you ever run out of something?  One ingredient to finish a recipe? Gas to finish mowing the yard? Time to finish a project? Toilet paper during the quarantine? It’s frustrating to run out of the things we need.  It’s a frustrating thing to be in need – regardless if that need is physical, emotional, or spiritual.  During these last few weeks, you may have experienced need in an acute way through injury, loss, or separation.  You may have discovered that you have needs you never knew about: company, conversation, the simple peace of mind that going to the grocery won’t harm you.  It’s probably safe to say that most of us would define need differently than we did 2 months ago. Even so, have you ever thought about why God created us to NEED? Here in Philippians, Paul assures us that God meets all of our needs through Christ, so as believers, that is the promise we can place faith in. Begin today’s study by spending some time with this idea.

Why, as humans, did God create us to need? Why does He allow needs to come into our lives?
I’m certain this isn’t the definitive answer, but the word my gives us a pretty big clue. Paul writes that that it is “my God” who will supply our needs.  He isn’t using the word my to distinguish our Heavenly Father from the pagan idols. Instead, by using the word my, Paul is showing relationship.  Paul is demonstrating the kind of intimate relationship that God has always desired to have with His creation.  He knows God and trusts the Lord on a deeply personal level – so personally, in fact, that he refers to God as my.  

Is your relationship with God so personal that you can call Him “my God”?
There is not a physical, emotional, or spiritual hardship Paul encountered during his life that he didn’t entrust to the Lord.  Paul had needs.  In each of his needs, Paul sought the Lord to provide.  In each circumstance, the Lord was faithful to provide for Paul.  Paul learned to depend on God.  It’s this dependence that gave Paul the confidence to declare that “MY GOD will meet all of your needs.” The needs that arise in our lives are opportunities for us to develop this same kind of dependence on God that Paul had.  The needs in our lives are given to us by God to show us the abundant ways in which the Lord can sustain His creation.

While this is true, sometimes it’s hard to make the connection between theological promises and practical application.  Paul can help us with that as well.   According to Paul, the first step to having your needs met by God is to tell God your needs.  

Read Philippians 4:6-7.  What kinds of things does Paul say we should take to the Lord? Is anything off limits to talk to God about? Do you believe God wants to hear all about your needs?  Refer to 1 Peter 5:7.

When do you thank someone for something?  In verse 6, Paul encourages believers to bring petitions to God “with thanksgiving.”  What Paul believes is that believers can thank God for His provision at the same time they make their requests.  Paul’s assumption is that God will provide because His children have asked.  This is why in verse 7 he writes that after our petitions and praise, we have peace.

How would approaching God in prayer, knowing He will provide and thanking Him for provision at the same time you make your request change your prayer life?

How does expecting God to meet the needs you bring before Him correlate to having peace?

The next thing we can learn from Paul about the way God meets our needs is to tell the church.  Paul had shared his needs with God’s people in Philippi.  They knew the work he was doing, and they knew the struggles he was having.  The Philippian church only knew these things because Paul told them.  When we keep our needs a secret from our church family, we limit the ways God can intervene in our lives through others.  God is creative and uses His people to help His people.  We stand in His way when, because of our pride or fear or other whisper from the Enemy, we don’t share our needs with other believers.  New Testament is full of examples of believers supporting each other financially, emotionally, and spiritually. If we are a New Testament church, then this should be a defining characteristic of ours as well.  Often, we live spiritually isolated lives even when we are present with each other physically.  This was not God’s intent for His people.  He always meant us to be people in relationship – with Him and with each other.

Read Galatians 6:2. At least 2 people are involved in “bearing one another’s burdens.”  What 2 roles are required here?

Read Matthew 22:36-40.  Love is a verb in the commands that Jesus gives here.  How does love fulfill the law of Christ referenced in Galatians 6:2? Who is fulfilling the law of Christ in Galatians 6:2: the teller, the listener, or both? How?

God cannot lie.  If He says we will meet our needs, He will.  God is completely trustworthy and faithful.  In fact, He was faithful in keeping the greatest promise He ever made in the person of Jesus.  Jesus was the living embodiment of God’s faithfulness and His ability to meet our most essential need – salvation.  That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care about the needs we have while we live life on Earth.  He does.  God says He cares and He doesn’t lie. See your needs as opportunities to trust Him more.  Talk to Him first about what you need.  Believe that He will meet your needs because He says He will.  Thank Him for His provision before you see the result.  Share your needs with God’s people so He can intervene in your life through others or so you can intervene for Him in the life of someone else. God will meet all of our needs.  He’s promised it.  Trust Him.

Be blessed. Be a blessing.






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