Restoring Our Mind And Spirit

Did you ever go on a vacation and arrive back home exhausted and wishing you could have a week off to get over your vacation? Many travel 800 miles to visit just the right place, spend money they don't have to pay exorbitant prices for gas, hotels and meals and put up with the kids asking every 15 minutes, "Are we there yet?"

   We say, "I just need to get away from it all!" But, in reality, we only swap one set of stresses for a different set of stresses. My observation was that the vacations we were most rested from was when we visited our parents in Tennessee from wherever we were living. We laughed and talked, we hugged and loved on each other and didn't want to go home. We slept late, went nowhere, spent very little money and ate Granny's good food.

   Luke 5:16 says, "But Jesus withdrew to lonely places and prayed." I wonder what that might do for us if we would do it more than once per year and restore our minds and spirits?






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