Teenside Daily Devotional

Read Matthew 10:1-15.

Here, Jesus commissions his twelve apostles to go out among Israel and spread the word that “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” He gives them authority over demons and disease, as we have seen Jesus clearly has. Then he gives them very specific instructions regarding what they are to take and not take. While Jesus is not prohibiting them from buying these items, he is emphasizing that the journey they are being sent out on is to be quick and reliant on the people that they come into contact with.

The first thing of note is the list of the apostles themselves. It is no elite team of religious giants, a list of priests or other rabbis that Jesus has accumulated to spread God’s Word. There are some fishermen, a tax collector, a religious zealot (not leader), and a few pairs of brothers. Most likely, all were below the age of 20. Apart from their age, this is a relatively diverse group of uneducated young men. Yet, this is whom Jesus chose to build his Church, showing us that our backgrounds cannot hold us back from being used in the kingdom of God!

We also see that Jesus specified that they not go to the Gentiles or Samaritans. Israel was to be the first to receive this word. This was always God’s plan, to start His Church in Jerusalem, among His people, and then carry it to the rest of the world (using his servant Paul). Israel was meant to be set apart according to the Law of Moses. However, they had strayed for quite some time, hence Jesus referring them as “lost sheep”.

The final thing to note is that this is not necessarily instruction for us. While the Sermon on the Mount was to “disciples,” this set of instruction is for “apostles”. When you share the Word of God with others, you do not have to overthink what you can and can’t have with you, or where you can and can’t stay the night. The important thing to remember is the message we share: “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Because it is! Jesus has separated us from our sin and given us a path back to our God!

*Take a moment to journal these questions. Write down your thoughts, questions, and concerns. Then date your entry. One of the coolest things is being able to look back and see how God came through for you.*

  1. Jesus set up a very unique format for the first church. It was a format in which the people depended on each other. Everywhere the disciples went they were to be taken care of and provided for. What does this tell us about how Jesus views his church on Earth? Based on verses 11-14 what does Jesus think about hospitality?

  1. Jesus came first for the Jews and then for the Gentiles (Romans 1:16). Why do you think it was important for Jesus to gather the lost sheep before extending his ministry?

Prayer: Spend some time praying about the things you journaled. Ask God what it would look like for you to extend the kind of hospitality talked about in the bible. Thank God that even now He does not forget about the lost sheep, but pursues them in order to further His Kingdom.

Song: Heal Our Land- Kari Jobe

Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/169Fs68hROYRdS362T8D9w
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