Letter From Elizabeth Willmore

Over my years at Tennessee Tech I have learned so many different things; some being academic while others were life skills but the most important ones are the ones that grew my faith. These are the lessons which have shaped me into the person I am today. These are the ones that will far out last my college degree. The last four years have been some of the best and hardest times in my life, but God’s presence in all of them has been breathtaking.

God has transformed my heart in how I care for people, ones close to me and to the ones I pass walking to class on campus. I’ve had the honor of learning the humbling lesson of how Jesus sees and loves people. It has been a beautiful lesson throughout my time at college to simply learn that people matter and it is personal. To truly love someone the way that Jesus does you have to make it personal, which our humanistic nature is to stay away from messy intense relationships; but Jesus didn’t do that. My view of people has drastically changed in my past four years in the best way possible, it has changed my life for the better.  I have been able to see people more through the eyes of Jesus.

The Lord has revealed many of His characteristics over the past four years and continues to do so each day. As a part of discovering these characteristics also came a multitude of lessons. Highlighting the two of the more impactful lessons of the years are on God’s faithfulness and grace.

God has taught me and continues to teach me so much about His faithfulness. The Lord started with teaching me how to reflect on His faithfulness in my life and others around me. As time went on I began to recognize His present faithfulness in my current situations, and now God is showing me the importance of trusting His faithfulness. God’s faithfulness does not change; it is the same as yesterday and the days before, God’s faithfulness is constant.

Another impactful lesson God has taught over my years at Tennessee Tech is the beauty and power of His grace. Learning about God’s grace has transformed my life in every aspect. It has changed how I view myself, because I know where I fall short, grace covers me and restores me. Grace has allowed me to take unrealistic pressures that I’ve put on myself and instead find rest and my identity in the Lord. It has also changed what I bring to relationships and understanding that without grace they will crumble. I am able to take what God has generously given me and in turn share it with others. No one can earn grace or God’s love and that’s the beauty of it. God desires a relationship with us and all He asks is that we seek and follow Him in return.
Needless to say I am thankful for UCSC during my time at college. God’s ability to use this ministry and staff to do Kingdom work. I am forever thankful for the lessons learned, the relationships formed and the countless opportunities to grow with God while being a part of UCSC.

                                                                                    Elizabeth Willmore






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