Letter From Hannah Clark

My college years have been my favorite so far. The deep friendships they’ve brought, exciting opportunities they’ve provided, and life lessons they’ve taught are nothing short of blessings. I am so thankful for Collegeside and the church family they’ve become. Families here love college students deeply even knowing our stay is most likely temporary. I am fortunate to have been on the receiving end. I’m thankful for what the Lord has revealed about Himself to me. He continues to remind me that life with Him is not a religion but instead a continuous relationship. One filled with grace, love, and pursuit. I am also thankful for what He has taught me about me. I have learned to accept that there is nothing I can do to earn the grace gifted to me. I don’t have to plan perfectly, organize efficiently, and work tirelessly to rest in the peace that comes with knowing I am enough simply because He said so. Finally, I am thankful to have such a hard place to leave. Cookeville is a special place. It’s local businesses, waterfalls, and community have given many memories I’ll cherish for years to come.

                                                                                                                                                Hannah Clark






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