Letter From Josh Bunner

Collegeside family,

Thank you for the fact that I can call you family. Throughout my four years here at Tech, I have met so many people who continue to point me to the Lord. I’m not even talking about the UCSC. I’m talking about the people that I meet on Sundays at church, the people that have taught our Bible lessons on Sunday morning, the people that have let us come over for dinner, the people that have taken us to dinner, the people that have hosted retreats at their house, people that have hosted worship times at their house, and the people that have even traveled all the way down to Florida just so that we can have food taken care of. To all of you I say thank you. Thank you for your loving hearts, your willingness to be the church to crazy and ridiculous college students like us. Just know that everything you do matters, every little thing. As Christians we are called to go and bear fruit, especially the church family. I know it’s hard to see when things are really producing fruit when you put money in a collection plate and all you know is that some of it is budgeted to help the student center to stay afloat. But me and the other seniors are visible proof that your church family is producing fruit. Through these years I have seen us grow, I have seen one us come to the faith, and I have seen all of us learn what it means to be disciples who make disciples. And I wish I could give y’all complete credit. But I can’t. I have seen the Lord work in marvelous ways, ways in which no human could have done. The Lord simply took what had given and made it multiply. Continue to serve in ways that you aren’t sure if there will be any fruit. Be faithful, knowing the Lord will produce a hundredfold. Thank you Collegeside family for everything. I love you all dearly.

In Him,
Josh Bunner






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