The Lord Heals The Broken-Hearted

The death of a Christian should be a celebration but it is hard for us to view it that way when we are experiencing the loss of a loved one who is so dear to us. Given enough time we will be able to see joy in the loss because we know our loved one is with God and no longer suffers the pain and sickness of this world. While our loved one enjoys the joy of heaven the ones left behind suffer heartache and a silent sense of loneliness that goes beyond anything we have ever known.

   God’s Word tells us “The Lord...heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds...Great is our Lord and abundant in strength...His understanding is infinite. The Lord supports the afflicted...” (Ps. 147:3, 5) We believe those words intellectually if we are Christians but it takes awhile to accept it emotionally in our hearts. But with time and every new day the pain becomes less. When that happens our personal relationship with God takes on new meaning. If you are still struggling with your loss and your faith you need to ask yourself a question about the above scripture. Is it true or is it not true? If it is true your faith will strengthen and you will again find purpose in life. Believe it dear friend and and watch God heal you.






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