Letter From Rachel Stokes

It’s hard to sum up four formative years of my life. So, to be as brief as possible, God has taught me that my plan is not always His; but He still has my best in mind. I did not expect my time here to come to a close this way but, because it has, I have been able to take the time to reflect and thank God for all He has done. I am incredibly grateful for the people at Collegeside who have taken the time to love and invest in me. When John speaks of Collegeside as a family, I fully agree. It is so evidently felt and embodied in this church.

God has also taught me that He can and will use me wherever I make myself available. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to invest in Teenside. That ministry and those students will always hold a special place in my heart. I am thankful for the support of the parents and their blessing in allowing me to mentor their children. I am especially honored to have gotten to know and love their sweet girls. They are truly precious to me and I have grown by getting to walk through the past two years with them. I am equally grateful for the ministry team at UCSC and the time they’ve taken to support and pour into us. It’s always needed and doesn’t go unnoticed.

I love you Collegeside. Thank you for taking the time to know and shepherd the college students in your care.

It has a lasting impact.

Rachel Stokes






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