Kidside Children's Lesson

Read Exodus 1:7-22

Notice two things about this passage. The Israelites, for once, were fulfilling the original command. Compare Exodus 1:7 with Genesis 1:28 and contrast it with the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11. Also, notice our introduction to Pharaoh. First, he has no memory of Joseph. Forgetting the past often leads to trouble. Also, in verse 10 he leads with the phrase, “Come, let us…” which also connects us back to the stories of Creation and the Tower. Trouble often comes in our story when people take it upon themselves to do things their own way instead of deferring to God.

1. It seems that Israel is living right as we open the book of Exodus. God is blessing them, and they are gaining strength as a people. However, hard times are coming despite their faithfulness. How does it make you feel to know that sometimes hard times come even when we are doing right? Parents please share stories about such experiences.

2. What evil thing does Pharaoh ask of the midwives? (What is a midwife?) What excuse do the midwives give for not following Pharaoh’s (the king) orders? How does Pharaoh respond?

Read Exodus 2:1-10

3. We learn much here about Moses. He was from the tribe of Levi, which became the priestly tribe. When his mother looked at him, she said “he was good”. Have you heard that phrase before in the Bible? The actual Hebrew word for the papyrus basket in which baby Moses was hidden is ark. What connections do you see between the story of Noah and Moses? What threads tie Moses birth to the circumstances around the birth of Jesus?

4. Do you think Pharaoh’s daughter realized who the girl was watching the basket? Did she know who the wet nurse really was? Why do you think she rescued Moses and paid his mother to be his nurse?

5. The name Moses means “to draw out” like the princess drew Moses out of the water. Also, God would use Moses to draw His people out of Egypt. Over the past few weeks, have you realized anything out of which God is wanting to draw you? Do you feel called to help draw any friends or acquaintances out of a situation that you recognize is not good for them?

6. Think of the babies you have held in your life. Put into your own words the precious gift that a child is. Adults, pause for a moment to visualize the great plans God has for each of the children in your life. Discuss with the kids in your life how much you love them, and God loves them. Discuss how we are blessed and encouraged as we watch them grow.
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