The Ring Of Sonship

When Janice and I were dating at age 16 we agreed to “go steady.” I gave her my high school ring to confirm our agreement. Before we married she lost the ring and it grieved her a lot. In 1989 I graduated with my Master’s degree. I decided to purchase a college ring to confirm my efforts in Biblical studies. About 10 years later I managed to lose the ring. I looked but had no luck in locating the ring. Actually, I had no idea where to look for it. Last week, the ring was located in my daughter’s back yard after being lost at least 9 years and I was glad to have it again. I had really forgotten how it looked.

From 2011-2019 I cared for Janice as her dementia developed. She lost her engagement ring. I purchased another one that was a copy of the old one. A few months later we found the original ring. Very soon she lost the original ring again. I probably should have put the ring away but she loved her ring. I continue to look for the ring with the hope that I will find it like I found my college ring.

All of this reminded me of Luke 15. Luke spoke of a man who lost a sheep but after a search he said to his friends, “ Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!” (v. 6) He further illustrated with a story of a woman who lost a silver coin with a similar result. (v.9) The final story is of a man who left his father and became lost in “a far country.” ((v. 13) Fortunately, he didn’t stay lost. When he “came to his senses” (v. 17) he went home to his father. He called for a celebration “for this son of mine was dead and has come to life again; he was lost and has been found.” (v. 24) Interestingly, the Father “put a ring on his hand” (v. 22) during the celebration.

Dear friend, are you lost from the Father? If so, you need to be found! And with the finding, wear the ring of sonship before the Father!
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