Kidside Children's Lesson

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1. You are free (required) to use your imagination for this question. How much contact do
you think Moses had with his birth family as a child? Teen? Young adult? What kind of relationship do you think he had with his grandfather the Pharaoh, who had given orders to kill him at his birth? Consider and discuss the possible dynamics of his upbringing.

Read Exodus 2:11-15

2. What would it be like to live in the safety of a palace, yet know that the rest of your family was enslaved and being treated cruelly beyond the walls of the palace? How does that remind you of Jesus? (See Philippians 2:6-9)

3. Can you relate to Moses’ predicament at all? How do you see members of the human family being mistreated beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone?

Read Exodus 2:12-3:12

4. Moses starts a new life in the land of Midian. He is married, has children, and finds work as a shepherd. Adults, I want you to think back to a time before you were committed to all the responsibilities you have today. Do you remember any God given callings or passions that were important to you then that you have all but forgotten about now? Could God be calling you back to one of these missions?

5. At the burning bush, Moses was full of excuses. Why was it so hard for Moses to accept God’s call at the burning bush? What excuses have you been giving to God lately?

6. Challenge: Spend some time asking God to show you a difficult situation to which God is calling you back. Who is God calling you to reach out to and help? How is God calling you to be a rescuer for your fellow man?
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