Kidside Children's Lesson

Read Joshua 1:1-9

1. What would it be like to be an assistant to a person like Moses? What would it feel like
to know that Moses was dead, and everyone expected you to take his place? Adults (and older kids), share life experiences in which you have stepped up into a role that was previously held by someone you admired.

2. Take a minute to scan back through these verses and name all of the promises that were given to Joshua. What challenges are on your horizon for which you need to listen to the promises of God? What current concerns make you need to hear God’s reassuring voice.

3. Leader have everyone in the group close their eyes as you read verses 5-9 to them. Help them imagine that it is the voice of God speaking to them today.

Read Joshua 6:1-7; 12-17

4. Discuss the very specific instructions given to Joshua for “attacking” the city of Jericho. By whose power would this victory be won? (God’s)

5. Would you have had a hard time following these instructions from God? How would you have planned the attack? What simple instructions of God are you struggling with

6. Why do you think God chose this mode of attack to give the city of Jericho into the
possession of the Israelites?

This Week’s Challenge: Take a prayer walk around your neighborhood. Pray for your neighbors. Ask God to show you have to be a “good neighbor” to those who live near you.
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