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Naomi was an Israelite who moved with her husband to a foreign land.  In the land of Moab Naomi had two sons who grew up and married women from that foreign land.  Then, Naomi's husband and both of her sons died leaving the three women alone.  Life was extremely difficult for a widow in that culture, especially one with no living male family members.  Naomi encouraged her daughters-in-law to find new husbands.  One did.  Now listen to the commitment made by her other daughter-in-law Ruth.

Read Ruth 1:15-22

1.  We cannot answer the question historically, because we are not told why Ruth makes this commitment.  Placing yourself in Ruth's shoes, what must she have seen in her Mother-in-law and her relationship with God that would motivate her to make this commitment?

2.  Naomi now takes Ruth back to her hometown to live again with God's people the Israelites.  How do you think Ruth was received by the people of the community?  How do we struggle to be welcoming to people who look speak, and have different cultural practices than we do?

Read Ruth 4:13-22

3.  Are you surprised to discover that one of the best-known women in David's (and Jesus') family tree was not actually an Israelite?

4.  It is God's desire to work through you and to work through me.  God is actively working through people we do not even know.   Do you think about that much?  Is it hard to imagine that God is working through people in our community we do not even know?

5.  Take time to reflect and pray for all who are listening to the voice of God in our community, country, and world.  Ask God to help you see the Holy Spirit working through the people with whom you come in contact this week.

This Week's Challenge:  Take the time to sit together and read the entire story of Ruth as a family.  If you wish assign reading roles to different people.  You will need a narrator, Naomi, Ruth, Boaz, and the kinsman-redeemer.  If you want to have a really good time, try acting out some of the scenes from this story.

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