What Will Your Legacy Be?

These days when there is a death in the community there is an arranged visitation night at the funeral home where most people will attend to pay their respects to the family. Since people have to work during the day this serves as a substitute for attending a funeral service at the church the next day. This is quite different from the past when people would simply stop what they were doing, dress up in their finest and show up to honor their friend’s life. Having preached as long as I have I can remember a few funerals where the church was full to overflowing. You might asked what brought out the big crowd? Was the person rich? Famous?  Actually, one I remember was a mayor of a relatively large city. Of course, all the media, the politicians showed up to see who else was there. But I remember preaching the funeral of one man who packed the house. Was he rich? Nope! In fact, he was dressed in his casket in bib overalls. What brought out the crowd? Most people testified that he was a good, good man.
The book of Proverbs says, “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” (22:1) What kind of crowd will attend your funeral? It will no doubt depend upon what kind of legacy you leave behind. Will it be said, “He was a good, good man/woman”.

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