Blessed Assurance

One of the favorite songs repeated over and over again as I grew up in the churches of Christ was "Blessed Assurance". Indeed how comforting it was to sing, "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine, O what a foretaste of glory divine...". At the same time I fear that the assurance of salvation that all sang about was often based on faulty thinking. People were taught that approval from God was based on baptism, church attendance and living a perfect life.
Four people, a pilot, a professor, a preacher and a hiker were flying when the engine failed. The pilot said, "There are only three parachutes. Since this is my plane, I'm taking one of them", and out he jumped. The professor said, "I'm brilliant and the world needs me, so I'm taking one" and out he jumped. The preacher not wanting to be selfish offered the third chute to the hiker. The hiker said "Never mind, there are still two left. It seems the professor jumped out with my backpack on". The professor's assurance of safety was based on faulty thinking!
Friends, we "all have sinned". (Rom. 3:23) Through the death and resurrection of Jesus we can be made right with God and thereby have peace with God. (5:1, 8-10) That's not faulty thinking. That's Bible!
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