Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus

Time and again Jesus told his disciples that he was going up to Jerusalem to die. No matter how he could explain it they simply didn’t grasp that such a thing could happen.
And yet we find in John 12 that Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus did understand what was happening. Mary interrupted the supper that had been prepared for Jesus after raising Lazarus from the dead. She came while Jesus was reclining at the table and emptied a pound of costly perfume on the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair. Judas complained that this was a waste of expensive perfume that could have been sold and used the money for poor people. Jesus told Judas to leave Mary alone since Mary was anointing  his body in anticipation of his death and burial.
How was it that Mary, a woman, understood what Jesus was talking about and his disciples were clueless? After all, wasn’t it a woman’s role to cook, clean and keep house?
You will note that Martha was doing what women were supposed to do, serving. But Mary was at the feet of Jesus anointing Him for His burial. How did she know what was was about to happen to Jesus? The answer? She was always at the feet of Jesus! At another supper prepared by Martha, Mary was “seated at the Lord’s feet, listening to His word.” (Luke 10:39) In every case Mary was at His feet worshipping and learning from Him. Is it possible that we are so ignorant of God’s word because we have not spent time at the feet of Jesus? If we will study God’s word at every opportunity we will learn so much for “sitting at his feet” simply means to learn from Him
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