Preparing To Move

One of the things in my preaching career that was never very pleasant was when the decision was made to move to a new place. It required a lot of effort to keep from breaking or damaging things. And, of course, the cost of moving was never pleasant although our first move was about $200.00 in 1966. Then when we moved from Florida to Cookeville in 2011 it was a little over $5,000. This was due in great part to all of my books. When we relocating there was always the matter of eliminating pieces of worn out furniture or anything that wouldn’t fit in our new surroundings.
The truth is that we are all awaiting one last move. This old world is but a staging area for eternity. The apostle John describes our heavenly home as a “holy city” three times in the last two chapters of Revelation. (21:2, 10; 22:19) It is holy because it is where God lives and rules. Just think, it is a place where there is no sin, sickness or sadness. Peter speaks of a place “in which righteousness dwells.” (2 Peter 3:13) I don’t know about you, but this is one time I will enjoy packing for the ultimate move.
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