Kidside Children's Lesson

Nehemiah Counts the Cost and Begins the Work

Watch the Children’s Lesson on YouTube. 

Read Nehemiah 2:11-16

1. Have you ever started something that you couldn’t finish? What happened? Was the job bigger than you thought when you started?

2. Nehemiah inspected the entire city wall of Jerusalem before he told the people that he had come to rebuild it. Why is it important to count the cost? (Spouses should pray for grace before discussing this question.)

Read Nehemiah 2:17-20

3. Nehemiah honestly addressed the situation with the people. Jerusalem was in ruins and looked disgraceful. THINGS LOOKED BAD. Why is it so important to be honest about circumstances, even when they are very bad?

4. In spite of the bad circumstances, Nehemiah had hope that the wall could be rebuilt. What bad circumstances are attacking your soul today? What (who) was the source of Nehemiah’s hope? Do you believe, like Nehemiah, that God can work even in the midst of your own bad circumstances?

Scan Nehemiah Chapter 3. Use a highlighter to mark every “next to him/ them” or other phrase that denotes one family working beside another.

5. How many highlighter marks did you make in chapter 3? How does the saying, “None of us is as strong as all of us,” apply to this chapter? Christians sometimes use the symbol “He>me”. Discuss the significance of “We>me” as a Christian slogan. What keeps us from thinking more about “We”?

Challenge: As you think about your family and its uniqueness, in what ways do you feel called to be salt and light in this world. Just as each family in Jerusalem worked on their portion of the wall, we are called to bring to life the Kingdom Reign of God in everything that we touch. What are some ways you as a family could more intentionally do this?
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