More Than A Religious Speaker

Strange and (Almost) Humorous Happenings To Preachers

While I was preaching at the old Park St. Church of Christ in Bowling Green, Ky., in 1972 Reuel Lemmons, the editor of the Firm Foundation gospel paper came to hold a gospel meeting. He agreed to come because of acquaintance with me. I first met him in 1968 at the Abilene lectures. I told him my name and that he had baptized my mother in Tipton, Oklahoma in 1935. He immediately said, "Yes, I remember Robert Lee and Sammye!" He had not seen them in 33 years but he called their names.
Well, back to my story! First, I had only been preaching full time seven years and I had to teach the Sunday school class with Reuel Lemmons sitting in my audience. We had sent him very specific topics to preach about hoping to profit from his wisdom. After class heading to begin worship he asked me, "What was my subject for today?"  Trembling, I told him and said to myself, "Oh, No!  Surely he's kidding!" He wasn't!
When he reached the auditorium I watched him write the title of the sermon and a half dozen words on the back of an attendance card and he proceeded to preach one of the best sermons I had ever heard. He showed me that day the difference between a young preacher and a mature preacher. I found out I was not near as good a preacher as I thought I was. I was a "religious speaker". He was a preacher!

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