Kidside Children's Lesson

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Read Daniel 1:1-7

1. Daniel was probably a tween or teenager when Nebuchadnezzar took him as a hostage following the destruction of Jerusalem. Along with other children of nobility and status, Daniel was given an education (also read indoctrination) into the ways of the Babylonians. As a family, discuss that word indoctrination. What goal do you think Nebuchadnezzar had in mind as he educated Daniel and his friends?

2. Just a note, the names of Daniel and his friends bore witness to their faith in YHWH. We know that names ending with -el and -ah are references to the generic Hebrew word for “God” and to the personal name God share with Moses “YHWH”. The new names contain references to the gods of Babylon.

Read Daniel 1:8-14

3. Did Daniel fall in line with the goals of Nebuchadnezzar? To whom was Daniel’s primary allegiance? How do leaders in our own country seek to refocus us on allegiance to person and party, rather that Christ and His Church?

4. What simple choice did Daniel make to help protect the allegiance of his heart? We suspect that there was a connection between the meat eaten from the king’s table and the worship of idols and false gods. However, the most important aspect of the “meat fast” was that it served as a reminder of Daniel’s faith and trust in YHWH, the God of Israel, and the God of all Creation.

Read Daniel 15:15-21

5. Daniel and his friends flourished physically, mentally, and spiritually, as they committed their lives to God while in exile. God does not promise us worldly success in exchange for our devotion. However, we can only expect to find wholeness and completeness in the love of God. In what arenas do you seek to find completeness for yourself? How would your approach to your academic, athletic, competitive, or professional pursuits change if you were not seeking wholeness in them, but rather coming to them with a wholeness found only in relationship with YHWH?

This Week’s Challenge: Talk about practices that you could add or remove from your routine to help you focus on God. What food, music, show, or YouTube channel do you need to remove from your diet? Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and took Daniel
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