When I lived in small town Celina, Tn. I soon realized that everyone in Clay Co. had a nickname. The definition of nickname is "A name added to or substituted for the proper in affection or ridicule". Nicknames also often describe "Characters". I remember Willie Fred "Paddlefoot" Bailey. I remember sitting with him on the street corner when a rough looking guy with the leather jacket and tattoos pulled to a stop on his Harley and asked in a rather ugly way the way to Dale Hollow Lake. "Paddlefoot " said, "Turn right and go about 10 miles down the road." Actually the way was 4 miles straight ahead. Even as a child I knew better. I ask him about his wrong directions. He simply smiled, got up and "Paddlefooted" up the street. I didn't stay to see if the motor-cyclist came back.
Does the Bible use nicknames? Esther became Hadassah. Daniel became Belteshazzar. God gave Abram and Sarai the new names Abraham and Sarah.
When Christ comes riding on a white horse He is called "Faithful and True", but He has another name "written on Him which no one knows but Himself." (Rev. 19:11-12) Wouldn't you like to know the Lord's nickname? It would take quite a name to improve on "King of Kings and Lord of Lords".
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