Living Water

Seventy percent of the world is covered by water and yet only 1% of it is drinkable by humans. I remember when we visited Egypt in 1984 they warned us about drinking their water because it had things in it that would be detrimental to our insides. So they
provided us with bottled water at a price. I wondered at the time where the water came from in the bottles, Europe, the USA? I kind of doubt it. But it does point out that conservation and sanitation are crucial since life depends on sanitary water.
In John 4:7-15 we find Jesus introducing a lost woman to a different kind of water. Jesus called it living water. He said, that those who drank of it would never thirst again.
The “living water” he spoke of was himself. Those who drank of the “living water” would receive everlasting life. Fresh water is not evenly distributed in the world. The same is true with “living water”. As followers of Jesus it is our duty to share him. After all, the “living water” (Christ) is whom people are thirsting for.

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