When you see the word "courage" what do you immediately think of? Most people would think of a military person who lost a leg, an arm, an eye or a life protecting his countrymen and that is a legitimate example of courage. They come home from war with their lives totally changed but they "keep on keeping on" and beat the odds, exercising courage every day.
This example, I prefer to the media's definition of courage as a man who lets his hair grow out shoulder length, puts on a dress and lipstick and calls himself a woman. In the religious realm we have defined courage as a missionary who goes to a foreign culture to minister and that's okay! But sometimes it takes more courage to stay at home and deal with "the brethren."
The Bible says, "Act with courage and may the Lord be with those who do well." (II Chronicles 19:11) It takes courage to stand up for your faith when it is easier to remain silent. It takes courage to admit you have an addiction! It takes courage to move out in faith when it seems impossible to do so! Courage is a gift from God that helps us overcome our fears. Amen?






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