Following God's Directions

When I purchased furniture or some appliance for the house that required assembly I was one of those who ignored the directions and began trying to put it together. About half assembled I would revert to the directions because I was terribly confused. A few times I was fairly successful but I usually had a few screws and lock nuts left over every time which proves that occasionally we can get by without the instructions.
But one lesson that is clear in Scripture is that when we are trying to live a life that reflects God's wisdom and goodness  we can't afford to ignore the directions found in the Bible. When Israel returned from Babylonian captivity to reestablish worship in the Holy land they were prepared to do so "in accordance with what is written in the law of Moses"(Ezra 3:2) In building the tabernacle and all its furniture they were to "make them after the pattern for them which was shown to them on the mountain." (Ex. 25:40)
Folks, God knows better than anyone how things are supposed to work. Why is it so hard for us to "follow directions"?

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