Communicate Jesus

I have often wondered what Janice thought about in her dementia. Did she really understand what I said to her but simply could not communicate to me what she understood. I guess I will never know the answer to that question.
I read of one man in the last stages of dementia who was introduced to the nurse who was assigned to care for him. He stopped the introduction to tell her he wanted to introduce her to his best friend who loved him deeply. Since no one was in the hallway the nurse thought he was delusional. She later learned he was talking about Jesus. She went to another patient and when she returned the dementia had returned and he was no longer lucid. She was greatly touched by his attempt to introduce her to Jesus.
Although I don’t know what Janice was thinking about but knowing her past that had she been able to communicate I know she would in one way or the other communicate Jesus to whomever she met. That’s just who she was!
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